Private Internet Access (PIA) Review

Private Internet Access has gone to extraordinary lengths to provide the most secure VPN currently available.

Last Updated on (PIA) is a website run by London Trust Media Inc. The company was originally set up to provide marketing, media, and web development services.

However, over time they got to know just how a lot of companies and some individuals were treating people’s confidential data that they were collecting.

London Trust Media Inc now offers private internet access via a virtual private network (VPN) under the name Private Internet Access. Their website slogan is “Always use protection” and plays on the fact that they feel strongly that we need to protect ourselves online.

Private Internet Access is managed by the two co-presidents Jon R and Tommie P. The company is made up of a growing team of over 60 individuals who are dedicated to helping people regain their power when it comes to using the internet. The team of dedicated professionals call themselves “Privacy Activists” and believe that:

“internet access is a liberating, basic human right”

Due to the explosion of the internet, and vast amounts of data transfer packets, many problems have arisen over data security. The privacy and security issues that have come to light over the past 15 years are massive and expose people to spammers, unscrupulous marketers, hackers and much more. London Trust Media Inc has set out to offer a robust solution to this mounting issue.

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Hackers & Marketing Data Mining

Currently, as it stands a wide variety of companies, both online and off collate our habits and preferences. Understandably many people are not comfortable with all of their information being collected and modeled via advanced artificial (AI) and would prefer to keep their browsing preferences private.

One of the main points of access for these hackers and spammers is public places like schools, shops, hotels, and restaurants. When we access the internet at public wifi hotspots, we are left open to our private information like credit card details, logins, and personal data being intercepted.

VPN Protects Against Identity Fraud

This is where London Trust Media Inc step in, to provide a solution to this serious modern issue by offering a fully encrypted, secure virtual private network (VPN) tunnel. Providing protection when you need it most (for example: when using public wifi networks) by using a different IP and keeping your information secure. Additionally, their VPNs clear cookies and session data to further protect your identity when surfing the web.

Deep Knowledgebase and Honourable Commitment

London Trust Media, Inc say that they are:

“Appalled by the incredibly detailed access to the private lives of internet users” that many companies currently have.

They have spent time getting to know the intricate workings of these companies and systems and provide a robust solution for people to take back their privacy and security rights when surfing the web. London Trust Media, Inc was originally set up as a marketing, media and web development firm, and therefore have a unique advantage in their knowledge base of how the internet works under the hood.

Never be Exposed Again

Without using protection like a VPN, your data is left exposed and can be read by anyone who intercepts the transmission. This leaves us open to a lot of unwanted and unnecessary manipulation and safety issues. however, when you use a VPN your data is encrypted and cannot be read by a human. When your data is encrypted the information looks like a string of unrelated symbols. Furthermore, when using a VPN your location is changed and your IP address is hidden to enhance security.

Security and peace of mind while browsing the web

Enhanced Security with Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access utilizes world-class, state of the art, multi-layered security. This includes advanced privacy protection using VPN tunneling. Their Swiss gateways provide the strongest levels of privacy currently available.

The services are easy to use and work with any operating system on a smartphone, tablet or computer. Private Internet Access offers enhanced security at the TCP/IP interface level, therefore, it is not just your web browser that is protected, with Private Internet Access all of your applications are secured.

State of the Art Technologies

Private Internet Access uses the latest technologies such as OpenVPN, PPTP, IPSec/L2TP and SOCKS5 (Proxy). Their services work with almost every OS imaginable, from Windows 7,8 and 10 to Ubuntu, iPad, Android, and even Tomato OpenVPN.

OS Supported by Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access works with Gateways all over the globe, from Australia to the US and everything in between, to protect your browsing data.

Private Internet Access Service Benefits

Private Internet Access offers many security layers for your peace of mind, which allow you to protect your identity, unblock websites, block unwanted connections and encryption so that you can protect yourself from data monitoring and eavesdropping. Below I will go into their security layers in more detail.

  • Identity Protection – With Private Internet Access you have complete identity protection, allowing you to browse the internet anonymously. This is particularly good for people who might find their identity puts them at risk. With Private Internet Access, you can post anonymously on groups and forums to prevent any unwanted exposure. Furthermore, the identity protection that using the Private Internet Access VPN service affords protects you from data mining that is often carried out by companies to profile and sell to you. Thus altering what information is presented in searches and when browsing the internet in general.
  • Unblock Websites – Many countries block specific types of websites that you might want to access. With Private Internet Access, you can now gain access to  US, UK, NL, CA, Romania, Germany, France, Sweden, and Swiss-based Internet Services. This allows you to have unrestricted and uncensored access to the whole internet. Both firewalls blocked IPs, blocked software and censorships are bypassed by the service which allows you to browse the whole internet.
  • Server Grade Firewalls – Unwanted connections are blocked with server grade firewall,  Private Internet Access uses the Netfilter Project to ensure that you don’t get any unwanted connections to your device. Allowing you to choose the connections that you want to make.
  • IP Cloaking – With Private Internet Access you can hide your IP with IP Cloaking. The way that this works, is by covering over your IP address and putting an anonymous IP address in its place. Firstly you establish a secure connection to their security layer and then you are issued with a new anonymous IP address.
  • Secure Encryption – It is really easy to hack and steal peoples data these days with the amount of software available easily. The encryption used by Private Internet Access uses the Blowfish CBC algorithm along with the OpenVPN protocol to offer secure encrypted data transmissions.

In Conclusion

If you are looking to keep yourself safe and protected when using the internet or even when using your device, then a VPN is required. Private Internet Access has gone to extraordinary lengths to provide the most secure VPN currently available.

Their services utilize the best that technology has to offer to allow you to browse the web with the peace of mind that your data is secure.

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