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Italian based AirVPN has its routes in providing a legally sound VPN network, and unrestricted internet . AirVPN has their own legal department, but what else makes them special? Let's explore AirVPN in more detail to find out...

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AirVPN began 9 years ago as a completely free VPN service headquartered in Italy. Shortly after they opened they added a premium package to make the project financially viable. The company was created by a small group of “hacktivists” (hackers and activists). Their slogan sums up their company well “The air to breathe the real Internet”.

In April 2010 AirVPN started with just 2 leased servers – thanks to the help of investments from a few interested parties, who remain invested in the company to this day.

Fast forward to 2019 and AirVPN now boasts 200 servers in 35 datacenters. Not the largest network that we have come across, but quite substantial. They are continually strengthening their infrastructure to protect their users and increase their offering.

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Hackers: Using Their Powers For Good

The word “Hacktivists”, or even just “Activists” gets a lot of bad press these days. However, it is important to remember that hackers are often employed to make software bulletproof. This is done by knowing how to hack and attacking the software/ hardware/ VPNs from every angle. Then filling in any holes and securing any leaks.

The way we see it is that Hacktivists are in a perfect position to create impenetrable internet connections that keep unwanted parties locked out. Creating a safe environment to surf the web free from restrictions or snooping.

In-House Customer Service

Top-notch customer service is extremely important to the AirVPN ethos. They keep all of their customer service agents in-house to ensure the highest level of support.  However, they are missing a live chat feature – I think that adding this would be fab!

The majority of AirVPNs services are straight forward and self-explanatory, so there should not be much need to contact them. Their active forums are really helpful. They also keep people up to date with how their servers are performing directly via their website.

AirVPN Use Forums to Communicate with their users

Top Tier Security

The security offered by AirVPN is substantial! They only allow a limited number of authorized personnel to know the whereabouts of their outside servers that host their powerful databases.

Additionally, they deploy additional security features including separate entry and exit IP addresses on all VPN servers in their network. This feature is a fantastic extra security measure that blocks correlation attacks.  Correlation attacks are typical on VPNs with a shared IP which is used both as entry and exit-IP address. AirVPN servers and protocols are also completely leak proof – providing top tier security with no way for intruders to gain access.

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Transparency & Server Access

AirVPN offers their customers some key insights into their servers. Their users can monitor the server uptime and status of the network in real time. Well, almost real-time – they update the status on their website every 60seconds.

This small, tight-knit company is very moral and just. They state that they don’t advertise and offer:

No bribes for favourable reviews in some web sites

Instead of working to make a profit from AirVPN, they put more emphasis on respect and security.

Dedicated Fiscal Department

Two of the initial investors in AirVPN were lawyers. Therefore there is a lot of effort put into the legal side of the business. They even have a dedicated department, set up back in 2012, that deals with optimizing the legal framework.

The aim is to have strong privacy and data protection infrastructure and enhanced approaches to accessing geo-restricted content.  In fact, the “Air” company is a separate entity that works solely as the AirVPN Fiscal Department.

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Giving Back to Make the Internet Safer

You could say that AirVPN is an avid philanthropist – because they give back extensively to projects that are close to their heart. The companies and projects that AirVPN fund are all focused on making the internet a safer and freer place with enhanced security and overcoming censorship and marketing manipulation methods.

Projects Helped or Funded by AirVPN

AirVPN Performance & Privacy

AirVPN have a no logging policy, however, they are based in the surveillance alliance – so this should always be taken into account. In saying that, they do have a very tight no-logging policy and they don’t log any personal details – which is exactly what you would expect from a high-quality VPN provider.

If you are looking for 100% anonymity then AirVPN is a great provider for you. They don’t want any of your personal data – not even your email address. There is an option to add your email address, however, supplying it is in no way mandatory. Additionally, cookies are not used on their site – which is a nice touch!

You can use up to 5 devices on one account, which is more than enough for most people. Plus the speed and uptime are super-fast which is ideal for streaming and torrenting.

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Torrenting, P2P, and Streaming

AirVPN is a great network provider if you are looking to securely stream or torrent content. Their servers are also optimized to unlock Netflix. So you can gain access to geo-restricted content. Netflix has restrictions on who can access their content depending on where in the world you are accessing their software. AirVPN will allow you to seamlessly get around this censorship and allow you to freely access all Netflix content.

With AirVPN you can torrent and P2P. Unlike some VPN providers they don’t restrict torrenting – so you have free rein to torrent until your heart is content with AirVPN.  They offer UNLIMITED torrenting, which is not such a common feature with a lot of VPNs who often restrict the bandwidth or even server locations that allow torrenting.

Develop Your Own Software With AirVPN

One really great thing about AirVPN is that they allow programmers to create their own custom software through an API key that AirVPN provides freely on their website. Their API is clearly commented and explained so that a developer can jump on and start creating custom software that works directly with AirVPN.

The resulting software allows their users to control their accounts in whatever way they see fit. Furthermore, if you want additional API features, they provide support on their dedicated forums.

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World Class Tech

AirVPN doesn’t disappoint when it comes to their technical specifications. They use OpenVPN – which is widely recognized as the best in the industry. OpenVPN is a cutting-edge open source technology that is maintained by a global community of programmers.  They also use 4096 bit RSA encryption cryptosystems for security.

We are used to seeing AES encryption with most providers. AES is symmetrical encryption, whereas RSA is asymmetrical. With RSA the packets are encrypted via a public key, which could sound unsafe. However, when they are decrypted this must be done via a private key.

Using a Wireless Router

One downside with choosing AirVPN is that they don’t offer (games console) apps or the ability to connect with games consoles like PS4 or Xbox. There is also no support for FireTV or Roku. However, don’t fret – if you want to use AirVPNn with any of these devices, you can do so via a VPN protected wireless router. Another slight peeve is the fact that they don’t currently offer a kill switch. Hopefully they will add these features in the near future.

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Easy to Use Apps

AirVPN provides apps for most Smartphones, Routers, and PCs on most operating systems. Their apps are extremely intuitive and easy to use. The simple one-click interface does all the work for you, including tracking down your system specifications. Which is a neat feature, because let’s face it, in our ever-changing tech landscape – who knows their systems spec off by heart? (Not me anyway!)

AirVPN Supports the above setup(s)

Once installed, you can find their friendly app by searching its codename “Eddie” up on your device.  It is straight forward to find the fastest available server, due to the fact that they list their servers in “fastest first” order.

AirVPN Packages and Pricing

You can gain access to a free trial if you get in touch with the AirVPN team directly. If you choose to opt for one of their premium packages you can get started for just over $1. Additionally, they accept Bitcoin – which is perfect to keep your identity protected. So there is not much to lose and everything to gain. Below I have outlined their premium package options.

  • Three Days  – $1.14 (trial)
  • One Month – $8 p/m
  • Three Months – $5.71 p/m
  • Six Months-  $5.71 p/m
  • One Year  – $5.14 p/m
  • Two Years – $4 p/m

In Conclusion

AirVPN is a robust VPN provider for most of your VPN requirements. Although they don’t have a vast amount of servers, they do provide a thorough solution. They are continually adding new servers and features, so we look forward to seeing how they progress over the coming years. AirVPN offers everything that you need with the security that everything has been checked over by a dedicated legal team. Their solution feels like it offers the protection to allow you the freedom to surf the web in complete security and anonymity.

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