HideMyAss Review

With over 900 servers in 190 countries around the world – HideMyAss is a big player in the VPN world. They have a reasonable 320+ server locations to choose from and service over 400 million customers. They are based in the UK but serve the whole world. Sounds impressive, however, the company could not have come from more humble beginnings.

HideMyAss was founded back in 2005 by a 16-year-old boy.  This is the story – fourteen years ago – Jack Cator built his first web proxy to circumvent his school firewall. Cator was not the only schoolboy (or girl) who was frustrated with this sort of oppressive school restriction. Overcoming this obstacle was his ticket to creating HideMyAss – a company that would go on to be sold to Avast (no less).

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The Parent Company

HideMyAss is now owned by Avast, which is a massive online security company that is based out of Prague. Avast is one of the major players in the VPN space. It is HUGE that HideMyAss were aquired by such a large company. Want to know more about Avast? –  We have covered Avast in detail in our Avast Review. 

A Blazingly Fast VPN Network

If you are looking for a VPN that seamlessly unblocks Netflix or BBC iPlayer from anywhere in the world – look no further than HideMyAss. Their servers don’t suffer from the lag or buffering that you might have found with other VPNs or your local ISP.

One of the reasons that HMA can deliver such a fast service is due to the number of locations that they provide servers in. In fact, they offer UNLIMITED uploads and downloads – so their streaming is truly unrestricted – which is awesome news for those of you looking to access censored content in a hurry.

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HideMyAss Features

HideMyAss has some decent upload and download speeds. However, it can sometimes take a while to connect. Possibly the best features that HideMyAss offers is the unblocking of geo-restricted content on sites like Netflix, YouTube, BBC iPlayer and Hulu.

Although HideMyAss has grown into a big network, with hundreds of millions of users, they still keep their speed consistently fast – which is impressive.

You can download HMA on as many devices as you want. To activate the VPN you simply input the license activation key – and away you go – simple! There is a restriction of 5 simultaneous connections per subscription, which is normal – within the industry.

Getting Started with HideMyAss

You can get started with HideMyAss in a matter of minutes. Their apps are really simple and easy to use and install with just one click. So, no technical experience required for the setup (phew!)

The HideMyAss Donkey

HideMyAss has been featured before in our “7 Best “Cheap” VPN Providers” article.  Like you may have guessed – you can get started with them for FREE. Their free trial is a decent length – 7-days, which should be more than enough time for you to decide if their service is a fit. However, if you are still unsure, they offer a further 30-day money back guarantee.

HideMyAss provides Apps for almost every device on most operating systems such as – Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Linux. The apps are very intuitive and the UX is clean and straight forward, even for the complete VPN noob.

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HMA Company Ethos

We love the light-hearted approach that HideMyAss has. Their name (as we have said before)  is freaking awesome! Furthermore, the down to earth language used on the site makes them very approachable for even the not to tech-savvy internet enthusiast. The following statement that we found on their site just about sums up their whimsical sense of humor:

Whenever you’re online (like right now) and not using VPN software, you’re about as exposed as an evangelical nudist.

The casual approach that HMA portrays goes a long way to make you feel comfortable and at home using their software. They don’t overwhelm you with technical jargon or overly complex features – for this reason, we feel that HMA is a great VPN for the beginner – especially if you are looking unlock media and stream it anywhere in the world.

HMA even goes so far as to use an actual “Ass” (donkey) that goes by the name Jack as their company mascot. Named after their founder Jack Cator. Below is some fun information on their company mascot:

If you are looking for 100% anonymity, then HMA is probably not the best solution for you. As always, it does depend on what you are wanting to use your VPN for. The location of HMA is certainly unfavorable for people wanting to surf the web in complete anonymity.

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The UK Surveillance Issue

One issue that many people have with HideMyAss is that it is based out of the UK… Therefore it must abide by the laws of that jurisdiction.

Why is being based in the United Kingdom not optimal for a VPN provider?

The main reason is due to the fact that the United Kingdom has some of the most intense surveillance policies know to man. This means that if pushed – HideMyAss is required by law to disclose any details held on their users. There are 14 member states that work together in the Surveillance Alliance, so you won’t just be subject to the disclosure to the UK Authorities – because any of the member states can request that HideMyAss disclose data held.

HMA Customer Support

When looking for a VPN Provider – the customer support offered is important. If for any reason you need some extra information or assistance, it is good to know you will receive it in a friendly and timely manner. You can get in touch with HMA customer support via their online live chat feature or you can send them a message that will be answered by their staff via a ticketing system.

The customer support is available twenty-four hours, seven days a week – which is great to know, especially when they ensure that all messages get answered by a real person.

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HMA Packages & Pricing

The fact that you can get started for free certainly lowers the barrier for entry significantly for the weary consumer. Their pricing is very reasonable, in fact, they featured (no.6)  in our top 7 cheap VPN providers due to the fact that they are so cost effective.  They follow a similar pricing model to most of the big players out there – the longer the contract, the cheaper the price.

HideMyAss is normally $4.99 however they are currently running a promotion and you can get their 2-year plan for just $2.99 per month.  I have outlined their current pricing below:

  • $11.99p/m – 1 Month plan
  • $6.99p/m – 1 Year plan
  • $2.99p/m – 2 Year plan (discounted price)

Business Plans from HMA

HideMyAss also has a number of packages available for businesses. Where you get access to their 880+ server locations. This plan allows you to deploy a VPN across your entire organization with one subscription. Their plans are flexible – meaning you can upgrade or downgrade at any point.

All of the publicly displayed “Business Packages” from HMA are controlled by one single point of contact. The price differs depending on how many simultaneous connections you need. The maximum amount of connections that you can purchase directly from their site is 30. Which should be enough for most small teams. However, if you need more then they do have a “Tailored Quote” feature – where you can request additional connections or accounts.

All in All

HideMyAss is the perfect VPN provider for people wanting to access geo-restricted content on Hulu, Youtube, iPlayer or Netflix. I would say that is their strong point. They are also great for the complete beginner due to the ease of use.

They are not suitable for people looking to surf the web anonymously due to the fact they are based in the UK and subject the 14 eyes policies, that state that they must disclose users details if requested from any of the member states.

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